Some New Logo Designs


Sports Magazine

Worked on a local sports magazine project. These were some concept covers and logo designs.

Combining the things I love!

These are some shots that I took for GHS Children's Hospital at the 2010 Blade Golf Tournament. Had a lot of fun on this project. It was for a great cause and I am a golf nut!

"Rock'n Art"

This was a logo design for a band out of Atlanta.


Church T-shirt design...

Did this design for Palmetto Bible Camp's 3rd Week campers t-shirt.

Large Scale Design...

... Greenville landmark! This was a very fun project. Mural for a local EMS company that wanted something with a local feel in their recreation room. What says Greenville more than Fluor Field at The West End! You are looking at 50ft by 25ft of freehand painting. It was a bear but very enjoyable.