Some New Logo Designs


Sports Magazine

Worked on a local sports magazine project. These were some concept covers and logo designs.

Combining the things I love!

These are some shots that I took for GHS Children's Hospital at the 2010 Blade Golf Tournament. Had a lot of fun on this project. It was for a great cause and I am a golf nut!

"Rock'n Art"

This was a logo design for a band out of Atlanta.


Church T-shirt design...

Did this design for Palmetto Bible Camp's 3rd Week campers t-shirt.

Large Scale Design...

... Greenville landmark! This was a very fun project. Mural for a local EMS company that wanted something with a local feel in their recreation room. What says Greenville more than Fluor Field at The West End! You are looking at 50ft by 25ft of freehand painting. It was a bear but very enjoyable.


I wanted to thank Chris and Dante over at SC Insurance Brokers for their business. The paintings look great in the office guys!



Penciling on a new piece. This one will be really cool. Thanks to Patrick Cox for the photo on this one and the subject. If you can't tell what it is going to be yet, stay tuned.



Couple of photos I took the other day in downtown Greenville. I'm trying to shoot a lot more for the main purpose of having more material to paint. I'm thinking these two would look really good on canvas! Be good additions to the portfolio too. I need more architecture pieces, they are very popular around here, "give the people what they want!"


This piece came out really cool. It reminds me of Moses and Mt. Sinai.

Prints available.

Prices vary by size.


Sorry there isn't much of a selection on here right now. Fortunately God has blessed me that most of the pieces that I am doing right now are commissioned pieces so they are sold before they're finished. I am trying to build up a little more inventory for you to have a better selection to choose from. Here are some things I'm working on right now. I'll be posting the finished products as soon as I'm done.

This is another golf course piece that already has a buyer (like I said, God has blessed me). This ones very close to completion. Just to give you an idea this is a 24x30 acrylic that will run about $300.
Sorry guys, this one is for my house! These are the two most important people in my life, Abbie (my wife) and Harper (our 5month old baby girl). I'm excited about finishing this one and getting it hung up at home!